Image of Double Take: A Novel


Image of Double Take: A Novel

Following the common storyline of two strangers who meet and switch places, this book, while predictable, is still a charming read. The differences between the two teens are comical at times, and Carlson has added a light spiritual aspect.

Madison Van Buren feels stressed out and pulled in several different directions. Hoping to take a break from her pampered life, she jumps in her car and leaves Manhattan for a small Amish town. Bored of her simple Amish life, Anna Bronner wonders if there is a way to escape. In a chance encounter, both Madison and Anna are surprised by how similar they look. Wanting what they can’t have out of life, they decide to switch places for a week and see if the grass is truly greener on the other side. (REVELL, Jun., 288 pp., $9.99)
Reviewed by: 
Angie Howatt