Image of Double Vision


Image of Double Vision

Maybe not as spicy as some of Brand's other titles, this is still a ripping good yarn. It's fast-paced, sometimes funny and always entertaining - and JT Wyatt's a keeper!

Rina Morell lost her sight 22 years ago as a result of the car accident that killed her mother. Doctors have told her that there's no physical cause for her blindness, and a mishap in the home she shares with her husband, Alex Lopez, restores some of her vision. Additional occurrences lead inescapably to one conclusion: Rina has something to fear from Alex. The truth is even uglier than Rina expects: Alex is directly connected to her mother's death, and he married her for less-than-romantic reasons. Cooperation with federal authorities is the only answer, but even that - and the protection of CIA agent JT Wyatt - isn't enough to keep Alex from hunting down Rina. (MIRA, Oct., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer