Matthew Hawthorne had come to Africa to forget the scandal he left behind, his wifes death, his daughter Marys fears and most of all his scarred body and soul.

By saving Finnea Winslets life during a train wreck, he inadvertently begins his salvation and meeting her again in Boston is the first stage in his redemption.

After her fathers death, Finnea leaves the wild beauty of Africa for chilly Boston and a mother she barely remembers.

Desperately wanting to fit into society, Finnea asks Matthew to help her become a lady. But her fiery beauty and fierce determination tempt Matthew to forget his vow to never remarry. Will they be able to put the past aside?

Powerful, highly emotional and out of the ordinary, DOVES WAY will capture your attention and hold you in its grasp with a wonderful story of redemption, well-crafted characters and a richly drawn backdrop. For many, this will be a story to savor time and again; a story that renews the soul as well as the heart. SENSUAL (Mar., 350 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin