This story brilliantly paints a picture of a world most of us can only imagine, as a backdrop for a frightening tale where all the characters seem to have something to hide. This book is a keeper.

Last year, Rachel Mast lost her husband in a horrific death that was ruled accidental. Now she is trying to raise her twin boys and run the farm alone, going against the ways of her Amish people. However, a series of strange occurrences are haunting her. Suddenly things belonging to her late husband are turning up and her sons are relaying visions of their father.

Rachel knows someone is trying to scare her, but she can't figure out who. It could be her neighbor Eben who seems determined that she marry him. Or maybe it's the outsider, Mitch Randall, who appeared the same time as the bizarre occurences. Mitch shows a strong interest in her barn and in Rachel herself.

The only thing Rachel knows for sure is that she is starting to question her way of life and her feelings for Mitch, an outsider to her world.

(Jul., 408 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson