Image of Down the Darkest Road


Image of Down the Darkest Road

Hoag continues her journey back in time with the third Oak Knoll thriller. Set in 1990, many of the advances in technology and criminology we now take for granted are either years away or in their infancy. One woman’s inexorable nightmare is highlighted as this gritty novel explores what happens when the system fails. Hoag is exceptionally talented at providing readers with bone-chilling, unforgettable novels.

Lauren Lawton’s unrelenting nightmare began four years ago with the disappearance of her oldest daughter. Leslie was never found, and in the grief-filled aftermath, Lauren’s husband essentially committed suicide, leaving Lauren and younger daughter Leah alone. While at the grocery store Lauren sees the man she knows took her daughter, photographer Roland Ballencoa. Oak Knoll Det. Tony Mendez is inclined to cut Lauren some slack, but there is no evidence linking Ballencoa to Leslie’s disappearance. Lauren fears Ballencoa is now stalking both her and Leah … and this time if the police won’t act, Lauren will. (DUTTON, Jan., 416 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith