Image of The Down Home Zombie Blues


Image of The Down Home Zombie Blues

Quirky, offbeat and packed with gritty action, this blistering novel explodes
out of the gate and never looks back. Counting on Sinclair to provide top-notch science fiction elaborately spiced with romance and adventure is a given, but she really aces this one! A must-read,
by an author who never disappoints.

It's a bizarre crime from the start, but Florida homicide detective Theo Petrakos has no idea how weird things are about to get. Because he has some futuristic-looking evidence, his house is attacked by a zombie.

Guardian Force Commander Jorie Mikkalah arrives to destroy the creature, but Theo's awareness of her team is problematic. No one on Earth is supposed to know of the existence of intergalactic life, and when Jorie discovers that the zombies are being controlled by the evil Tresh, the whole galaxy is suddenly at risk. Causing an intergalactic incident by accepting Theo's help seems tame in comparison. (BANTAM SPECTRA, Dec., 516 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith