Image of Down In Texas


Image of Down In Texas

Devlin delivers in this anthology of love in the Lone Star State. While the characters are interconnected, each story stands on its own. They're all solid, but Maggie and Daniel's tale slightly edges out the other two, with Suki and Mac's a close second. This is a good, hot and sexy read.

Lyssa McDonough has loved Brand Tynan since she was a little girl. Does she have what it takes to show him she's all grown up in "Wearing His Brand"? In "Slow Ride," Daniel Tynan has had a thing for Maggie Dermott since he was a teenager working at her husband's ranch. Now that she's widowed, Daniel must convince Maggie to take a chance on their May-December romance. Mac McDonough is back from war and ready for civilian life. Suki Reese needs protection from an ex. When Mac offers to help, Suki isn't prepared for the battle of wills that leads to the bedroom with her "Straight Up Soldier." (Aphrodisia, Nov., 240 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Devon Paige