When friend and frequent collaborator LAPD Det. Milo Sturgis approaches psychologist Alex Delaware for help in another puzzling murder case, this time Alex has some trepidation. Milo has been handed the hot potato case of the brutal murder of Eldon H. Mate, aka Dr. Death.

Eldon Mate has become famous or infamous for his high profile stance on assisted suicide. Eldon has been present or assisted numerous individuals in their final moments. Now someone has chosen to make Eldon one of his own travelers.

Alex fears a conflict of interest since months ago, he worked briefly with a teenager named Stacey Doss, whose mother was one of Eldon Mates travelers. Staceys father, Richard Doss, blames Eldon for his wifes death and Alex is afraid that Richard might have played a role in Eldons murder.

Alex and Milo must unravel the puzzle of who hated Eldon Mate enough to kill him. Unfortunately, the list of potential suspects proves to be long and complex.

Jonathan Kellerman tackles the controversial subject of assisted suicide in his intense and transfixing new thriller. Jonathan Kellerman is truly a master of his craft. (Dec., 352 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith