P. N. Elrod has pulled together 16 chilling tales of our favorite bad boy, Count Dracula. Authors contributed original spine-tingling, skin-crawling stories evocative of London nights in the late 1890s. Lucy, Mina, Renfield and Van Helsing are represented as well as other celebrities not normally associated with DRACULA IN LONDON (4). The Prince of Darkness meets the Prince of Wales in Tanya Huffs To Each His Own Kind. Draculas three brides go shopping at an exclusive boutique in Everything to Order by Jody Lynn Nye. Places for Act Two! by Bradley H. Sinor has the Count enthusiastically taking part in a Shakespearean play. Ms. Elrods fascination with Dracula has culminated in an entertaining anthology of diverse authors whose equal interest in the Count make for quick, if sometimes macabre, reading. (Nov., 272 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper