Image of Dragon Actually (Dragon Kin, Book 1)


Image of Dragon Actually (Dragon Kin, Book 1)

Readers get a twofer with this dragon-themed book from the talented Aiken. Packed with bold adventure and sizzling sensuality, it has a pair of stories that are surefire winners. Keep your eye on Aiken!

"Dragon Actually" introduces fierce warrior princess Annwyl the Bloody as she fights to save her people from her evil brother. Nearly mortally wounded, Annwyl makes her stand against her brother's forces -- only to then face a giant black dragon.

Hearing the battle, Fearghus the Destroyer comes out of his cave to see the valiant Annwyl. Instead of eating her, Fearghus decides to save her. But keeping his dragon secrets proves difficult when he becomes vested in helping Annwyl in her quest.

"Chains and Flames" tells of the most unique and tempestuous courtship of Fearghus' dragon parents. Even with her mother, the queen, determined to kill her, white dragon Rhiannon is not about to let herself be handed over to dangerous battle-lord dragon Bercelak the Vengeful as a mate. (ZEBRA, Sep., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith