Image of Dragon Bound (Elder Races)


Image of Dragon Bound (Elder Races)

Every now and then a book comes along that blows your socks off — this is one of those books! To say that former category author Harrison makes a stellar foray into the paranormal genre with this Elder Races series starter is truly an understatement. Utilizing vivid characters, edge-of-your-seat danger and an intriguing alternate reality, Harrison crafts a novel that grabs you from the first sentence and makes you bitterly regret that the book must end. Move this to the top of your must-buy list immediately, you won’t be disappointed!

Half-human/half-wyr Pia Giovanni has been blackmailed into a potentially suicidal mission: she must steal something from the hoard of Dragos Cuelebre, one of the most feared and respected of the Wyrkind. Pia is an unwilling pawn in the Dark Fae King Urien’s growing war with Dragos. Dragos’ business empire is centered in NYC, and his ferocious anger is ignited when he realizes that someone has found his hoard and stolen a penny. The fact that Pia left a penny in return along with an apology does not salve his fury. However when Dragos does track down Pia, he finds himself fascinated and intrigued, for gutsy Pia is a mystery he plans to solve. (BERKLEY SENSATION, May, 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith