Rhiannon has received a foretelling of her future—one that mates her with her enemy, Laird Dylan McGregor, so that together they can destroy an evil threatening their world. When Rhi dresses as a boy and follows her brother into battle in hopes of protecting him, she becomes a prisoner of Dylan.

After capturing Rhi, Dylan soon learns she's not only a woman, but the very beauty who so captivated him when he saw her bathing in the forest. Now an evil Sorcerer is out to gain power, and the one he needs most is Rhi. Will she and Dylan attain their powers in time to stop him and close the gate of the dragons?

THE DRAGON LAIRD is a wonderfully well-written story of swords, magic and men in kilts. The plot is commendably developed, and the secondary characters very appealing, leaving you with a desire to hear their stories. This tale will appeal to those who enjoy the fantasy of fairies and magic. (Jul., 180 pp., $10.79)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley