England is in turmoil. The barons are in an uproar against King John. Dominic, the second son of the Baron of Pendragon (Dragon), is ordered by the king to go to the borders to take over a barony, Ayrdale, and to marry either the daughter or wife of the late earl, whom the king just had executed.

There Dragon meets the Lady Nelda and her twin daughters, Rose and Starla. Starlas only wish is to enter a convent, so to protect her sister, Rose schemes to be the one chosen. The road to true love is full of misunderstandings, growing admiration and desire.

Exploring the history of England, this romance flourishes like a garden to full bloom. Together the lovers build a rich life to share, trusting each other above all else. This is a real keeper, filled with historical fact, sizzling love scenes and wonderful characters. Just what Connie Mason fans expect. SENSUAL (Nov., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner