Image of Dragon Lovers (Signet Eclipse)


Image of Dragon Lovers (Signet Eclipse)

An enchanting mix of "romantical
dragons" take center stage in a quartet of tales created by writers drawn to the magic and mystery of these mythical creatures. From knights and lords to
a modern-day handyman, from exotic Japan to Regency England, these stories soar with imagination, adventure and magic to delight those who long for a bit of a fairy tale and a lot of romance.

Beverley's "The Dragon and the Virgin Princess" is the stuff of fairy tales. An innocent princess must be sacrificed to appease the dragon, but when she is rescued by a man who brings her to the kingdom of dragons, everything changes. She quickly learns how love can help a dragon survive.

A dragon-slaying medieval knight meets his match in a dragon-saving lady as Putney spins "The Dragon and the Dark Knight." They must work together to save a kind and gentle dragon and their kingdoms as they magically find a love to last a lifetime.

Harbaugh sweeps us off to exotic Japan in the time of the samurai as orphaned Anna is befriended by a shape-shifting dragon who protects her and loves her because she is good, kind, trustworthy -- and brings him books -- in "Anna and the King of Dragons."

The modern-day Southwest is the setting for Samuel's charming "Dragon Feathers." Young widow and quilt artist Penny Freeman comes seeking solace and discovers a dragon and its protector, handyman Joaquin, who need her help to see that dragon eggs hatch. (Signet Eclipse, Mar., 400 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin