Leigh creates a complicated plot for this paranormal tale. It's filled with sexual tension that builds and builds, dragging the reader along on Lynn's wild ride with Alyx.

Alyx is a Dragon Prime warrior who's on Earth to find his bond mate. He found her long ago and has spent years waiting for her to be reborn. He knows Lynn Carstairs is alive and in need of his help. She's trying to protect Ariel St. James from the evil Blackthorne sect. Lynn's human powers and the Prime Warriors' alien powers must deflect Blackthorne, for if Ariel dies, the heart of the Earth will begin to die too.

Leigh's extensive detailing of Lynn's inner life makes the action feel like all hell is about to break loose. And that's exactly what Lynn feels like with the sadistic Blackthorne leader, Jonar, and the silver-haired, mercury-eyed Alyx advancing on her. Leigh doesn't complete the subplot about Jonar and Ariel and whether she's saved from him, which is disappointing. But she does write an explosive conclusion for Lynn and Alyx in this first story of her Prime Warriors series. (dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Paige