Book two of the Dragon Spawn Chronicles brings readers back to a magical time in the Scottish Highlands when love could conquer all in the battle of good versus evil.

Robert the Dark, a powerful sorcerer, returns home to fulfill an ancient prophecy. It has been foretold that he will be reborn as the Dragon Prince, the chosen one who will release the dragons and save his people from peril. He will be tested in ways that will either fulfill his destiny or kill him. His only hope is to have his true mate by his side -- a woman who bears the mark of the dragon. But two women bear such a mark, so Robert must choose wisely. The fate of his world hangs in the balance.

Lynne's intriguing world of myth and legend will draw you into the story -- but don't worry, there's a glossary of names and magic words for the uninitiated -- and keep you reading until the end. Her characters are realistic because they're not perfect -- their flaws are revealed as they face the hurdles in their path. True romance and passion develop when they learn from their mistakes and forgive each other's past actions. (Feb., 268 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski