Image of Dragon Storm (Dragon Knights (Samhain))


Image of Dragon Storm (Dragon Knights (Samhain))

This book is hot. D’Arc is the master of erotic worldbuilding, and this story includes ménage and a healthy dose of voyeurism. Fans of the series will really enjoy checking in with their favorite characters, but they might be a bit disappointed with the primary story. The heat level is off the charts; however, the plot is not as good as several others in the series. Most of the story feels like a long prologue, giving information needed to continue the series.

Twin dragon princes Darius and Connor are caught in a magical storm and deposited in modern-day Oregon. There, they find something they doubted they would ever find: their mate. Half snowcat shifter, Josie has always known magic, but nothing has prepared her for dragons. She knew that her inner cat would know when she met her mate, but she is shocked to find she has two mates and that they are dragons! She will have to leave her life behind to follow her mates to a magical land full of danger and love. (SAMHAIN, Feb., 264 pp., $15.00
Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak