Image of Dragon Wytch


Image of Dragon Wytch

Of Galenorn's sister heroines,
Camille is the most open-minded regarding love, sex and relationships. The defense of both Otherworld and Earthside continues to get more
complicated as Galenorn cleverly reveals her plot threads in the
latest Otherworld offering. Action
and sexy sensuality make this book
hot to the touch.

Being on the front lines of a war isn't pretty, and it's taking its toll on the D'Artigo sisters. With the help of one of her triad of lovers, moon witch Camille has been gaining control of her usually erratic magic. The arrival of the prince of the Unicorns gives Camille pause -- he informs her he brings her a powerful new weapon.

They will need it, for more and more portals between Otherworld and Earthside are opening, letting dangerous demons through. If the evil ShadowWing succeeds, both worlds will fall, and the odds aren't looking good. (BERKLEY, Jul., 280 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith