Image of Dragonborn


Image of Dragonborn

Dragon magic is immensely powerful, and in the wrong hands it can enslave populations, which is the case in Lee's exotic and unique new tale. The world that she has created is dark and troubled yet compelling, with damaged and driven characters.

Barmaid/dancer Natiya carries a dangerous secret. Hidden in her bellybutton is the egg of a revered dragon queen. Evil emperor Dag Racho controls the only known living dragon, and he's determined to eliminate all threats to his rule.

Although he hates and fears Dag Racho, Kiril is the emperor's dragon-hunter, charged with slaying any new dragon hatchlings and the human they've bonded with. Kiril believes all dragons are evil and that they corrupt their humans. Natiya believes differently, and she and the queen she carries hope to end Dag Racho's oppressive rule. But trust is not something that comes easily to Kiril or Natiya, and since their goals are diametrically opposed, will they be able to save the world? (LOVE SPELL, Mar., 354 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith