In Quinn's appropriately titled fantasy, the male dragons are lustful and protective of the women. Although the story is about two sisters, it centers on Leilani, the oldest of the Aster girls, who are the last of their magical line. The love scenes are hot, and the plot is good, but the scene with the villain could have been longer. The buildup was great, but it was over too quickly.

Leilani and her sister must stop Gerszon, an evil villain banished centuries before by one of their ancestors. He is steadily draining their power, and both know that they cannot fight him alone. So Leilani gets in touch with her asinine dragon ex-boyfriend.

The arrogant Zander is head of the dragon order. He and his brother decide that a bonding ceremony is the only way to protect the women. Their high-handedness strikes a chord of rebellion, but when they turn on the dragon charm, the women fall under their spell. (AmberQuill.com, dl $5.00)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith