Image of Dragonhaven


Image of Dragonhaven

Brilliant storyteller McKinley provides pure magic in this wonderful story told from young Jake's first-person viewpoint. Through his introspective, compassionate narrative, McKinley tells a coming-of-age story filled with parental love that crosses species. The result is utterly spellbinding!

Growing up in the isolated Smokehill national dragon preserve has given 15-year-old Jake a unique lifestyle. Dragons are a controversial topic, and Jake's never seen one up close until the day he finds one dying in the wilderness. Horrified, he realizes a poacher has fatally wounded the female dragon before being killed himself. Complicating matters, the dragon was giving birth, and one of the babies is still alive.

Acting on instinct, Jake defies the strict law prohibiting giving assistance to a dragon and takes the baby. Raising "Lois" is filled with trial and error and the desperate need to keep her a secret. Will the bonding of this unlikely pair lead to disaster? (PUTNAM JUVENILE, Sep., 352 pp., $17.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith