Orphaned Kale discovered her calling as a Dragon Keeper in the critically acclaimed Dragonspell, the first installment of this dynamic series. Now in the service of the great Paladin, Kale trains at the Hall—until the meech dragon egg (rescued from the evil wizard Risto in the last adventure) hatches.

Elderly wizard Fenworth can do nothing with the young dragon, who is bonded to Kale. She is sent from the Hall along with an annoyingly humorless knight-in-training. They arrive at Fenworth's bog-bound castle to hear that Risto has hatched a meech of his own—and this creature is spreading revolt among the dragons of the land.

Familiar questers from Dragonspell and delightful new characters band together to again stop evil from destroying the land of Amara. They face Creemore spiders, blimmets, mordakleeps, bisonbecks and deceptions spawned by Risto and his confederates. Is the beautiful, cold-eyed woman who appears to Kale really her long-lost mother? Again, Paul wows with the creativity and depth of her characters. Deft touches of humor play fun counterpoint to a thrill-a-minute plot. (Jun., 349 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson