Image of Dragon's Moon (A Children of the Moon Novel)


Image of Dragon's Moon (A Children of the Moon Novel)

The fourth installment in the Children of the Moon series is an enchanting, sexy read. Monroe reacquaints series veterans with characters from previous novels but provides enough context for newcomers to become acclimated. Although the author stretches credulity in places, the plot is entertaining and suspenseful. Eirik is a confident alpha male who meets his match in the kindhearted, but stubborn, Ciara. A fast pace, strong characters and an intriguing storyline are sure to please.

Ciara’s first glimpse of Eirik, Prince of the Éan, is in his dragon form as he incinerates her brother with his fire. The orphaned Ciara makes a home with the Sinclairs, but keeps her heart and special gifts hidden. Killing in defense of innocent Éan children made a lasting imprint on Eirik’s soul. Now that his people have joined the Sinclair clan, Ciara must see the past clearly and learn to forgive, if she is to help save the shapeshifter race from danger. Can Eirik show Ciara that they are not enemies but, instead, destined lifelong mates? (BERKLEY SENSATION, Sep., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart