Dragos and Pia fans are in for a very special treat as Harrison self-publishes a charming, tender, but action-packed novella featuring this unforgettable family. Peanut (aka Liam) moves to center stage as Harrison incorporates priceless scenes from his baby POV. Islands, lost treasure, pirates and an unpredictable Wyr baby — what could possibly go wrong?

Life has been exhilarating and exhausting since Dragos and Pia met,  married and welcomed new baby Liam   vacation and clever Pia plants the seeds of a treasure hunt to intrigue her dragon mate. Soon Dragos is on board, and they head to Bermuda to hunt for a sunken  treasure ship: the Sebille. True to form, things don’t go exactly as planned. (SELF-PUBLISHED, dl., $3.50)

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