Image of Dramarama


Image of Dramarama

If you're looking for a book about the world of high school theater, this is it. Auditions, nerves, costumes -- it's all there. This is a fun book with lots of drama, just the way we like it!

Best friends Sadye and Demi are off to theater camp. Sadye is a straight white girl and Demi is a black gay boy -- no matter, because it's the people they are that really matters. Or is it? Long rehearsals and a competitive atmosphere have everyone looking to blow off steam. Sadye thinks they can remain friends despite their difference, but Demi's not so sure. Will their friendship survive? (HYPERION, May, 320 pp., $15.99, ISBN: 9780786838158, 12 and Up, HC)
Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris