Image of Drawn in Blood


Image of Drawn in Blood

In the follow-up to last year's Twisted, Kane
once again focuses on
the exploits of former FBI agent Sloane Burbank and her lover, agent Derek Parker. Although their relationship appears back on track, family loyalties could jeopardize it. Kane builds on the friction divided loyalties can engender and delivers a tale fraught with revenge and betrayal. Utterly compelling.

As Sloane continues her quest to rejoin to the FBI, her relationship with Derek deepens. That bond is threatened when Sloane's family comes under attack. More than a decade ago, Matthew Burbank, Sloane's art-dealer father, and his close friends saw a killer in Hong Kong. They agreed never to discuss the incident, but because of the discovery of a forged painting, the FBI now wants to talk to them.

When Sloane's mother is attacked in her apartment, Matthew panics and wants Sloane's help but insists she not reveal anything to Derek. Sloane agrees, but Derek suspects that Matthew's problem is tied to his own Triad case. Vengeance is the key driver here, and death and destruction follow in its wake. (MORROW, Sep., 336 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith