Image of Drawn Into Darkness


Image of Drawn Into Darkness

Dark doesn’t begin to describe the terror in which Liana and Justin find themselves. Springer gets the most from her characters as she puts them in untenable situations then pulls them back from the depths of despair. Liana finds emotional solace in sarcasm and a great number of quotes from the great philosophers as she fights to survive.

Depressed by her recent divorce, Liana Clymer moves far from home to a shack in the Florida swampland. Her inclination to meet her only neighbors proves to be her biggest mistake, as the young boy who answers the door is the victim of a kidnapping and his captor is unwilling to let her leave. She fears no one will come looking for her as her sons don’t return her calls. Justin was taken from near his home two years before and has survived by his wits alone. While under control of a brutal psychopath, they form an uneasy alliance. He plays a cruel game of cat and mouse as they try to escape. (NAL, Nov., 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown