It's 1876 and Dianne Selby has the life she's dreamed of with her beloved husband Cole, their new son and a ranch in the breathtaking wilds of Montana. But in this rugged country, danger is never distant and losses come despite everyone's best efforts. Dianne must struggle to trust her husband and God with the safety of her ranch and loved ones.

This trust is shaken when new people who move into the area are determined to take all the land they can grab, including the Selbys'. Dianne and Cole soon find themselves in the fight of their lives. If they lose, will they be able to dream anew? Can they win without compro-mising their Christian values?

Peterson knows how to plot a story with plenty of conflict and complications, but the characterization leaves something to be desired. Too often, the heroine is more irritating than interesting, and the villain is a stereotype right out of an old western. Period flavor and historical detail, however, are excellent. (Sep., 398 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson