Kate Donovan begins an exciting new series in which an ancient magic springs to vivid new life as a beautiful scientist begins to explore her unusual heritage.

For years Molly Sheridan has had a recurrent dream of a lush meadow in which she sits and sews patiently, waiting for something or someone... And one day she finds that someone, Matthew Redtree, a suave charmer whose command of old legends and fairy tales beguiles her throughout the course he teaches at the university at which she is currently enrolled. Their love is sealed by the discovery of their mutual heritage of a legendary love, betrayal and magic.

Even as Matthew proves his worth as Molly's champion, something seems wrong with their relationship. Does her gallant champion really love her as a person, or does he revere her more as his destined lady? Even as the question torments her, she must somehow rescue him from the determined ambition of a rival witch and come to terms with her own magical legacy as well.

Although problems in the romantic relationship are not fully resolved at the end of this first volume, Ms. Donovan's enthralling tale taps deeply into our fascination with myth and magic. Fans will eagerly await the further adventures of Molly and Matthew in the forthcoming A DREAM EMBRACED. (Apr., 415 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
M. Helfer