Raised by her grandparents in the Kentucky Mountains, Rachel Rose Robinson enjoys the simple life of mountain folk until her father, Judge Robinson, takes her to live in his fine Lexington mansion.

Her stepmother convinces the Judge to marry Rachel off to her cousin, Major Shelby Bruckridge. Rachel agrees to the proxy marriage and sets out for the Dakota Territory.

Unaware of the Indian uprisings, Rachel arrives at Fort Sil Kearny to meet Shelby, who turns out to be a cruel and "yellow bellied, putrid varmint." Fleeing her husband on her wedding night, Rachel is determined to find her way back to her Sugar Holler.

Instead, she arrives in a peaceful Cheyenne village and falls under the protection of Strong Elk Heart. Strong Elk, known as Dream Catcher, believes Rachel is connected with the strange dream that has haunted him for many months and he cannot deny his overwhelming attraction for her.

Enraged by Rachel's escape, Shelby will not rest until he has vengeance. When he finds she is with Strong Elk, he sets out to destroy the tribe. Strong Elk leads his band to winter camping grounds. Alas, their trek is long and arduous, with Shelby hot on their trail. Will the lovers ever be free from the madman who haunts their every step?

DREAM CATCHER is a bittersweet tale, rich in characterization and detail, that will capture your heart. Ms. Harrington paints a vivid portrait of the plight of the Native Americans at the hands of ruthless savages. SENSUAL (May, 448 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox