Talk about having a chip on your shoulder! This is one bitter and vengeance-driven hero! Humor, snappy dialogue and general character crankiness make this one of Kenyon's most entertaining. The interplay between characters is lively, and the plot threads twisty -- all leading to a most excellent adventure.

As a teacher and medical examiner at Tulane, Simone Dubois is used to the weird. That she lives with Jesse, the ghost of a 1980s teenager, is just par for the course.

Xypher is a half-demon, half-dream god who was betrayed, killed and sent to Tartarus. As a reward for his help, he's been granted one month out of hell to gain his vengeance against Satara, the woman who betrayed him. To save herself, Satara has Xypher trapped with Atlantean bands that tie him to Simone. If one dies, so does the other. Being tied to a feisty human female with an annoying ghost sidekick is complicating Xypher's plans but, as this trio learns, events are more complicated than they first appear. (ST. MARTIN'S, Feb., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith