Image of A Dream of Desire: A Daring Hearts Novel


Image of A Dream of Desire: A Daring Hearts Novel

With its Dickensian backdrop, suspense, passion and edge-of- seat danger, Rowan’s latest is a thought-provoking romance that forces readers to see the darkness under the glittering world of wealth and title. Strong characters and a taut plotline keep readers engrossed as Rowan builds the tension to a perfect pitch before leading Talia and James to the HEA.

Lady Talia Hall only wants one man — James Forester — but he sees her only as his best friend’s little sister. Talia puts all her energy into her charity project, a home for wayward boys and juvenile prison reform. She’s treading on dangerous ground since there are many who profit from the system. As soon as James learns her life is in danger, he returns to England, but he won’t easily get back into her good graces. James must prove himself. Along the way, he helps a boy out of trouble, rescues Talia from scandal and death, finally gains her trust and admits he’s fallen in love — not easy tasks for an arrogant man, but Talia is worth more than his ego. (FOREVER, Jun., 384 pp., $8.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin