The innovative Kate Donovan is back with the second intriguing volume of her series centered around the lost magic of ancient America.

Graduate student Molly Sheridan is astonished to learn that she is the Valmain Princess, descendant of a powerful race of sorcerers who created the mysterious Mounds civilization. What interests her more is winning the love of her new husband, mythology professor Matthew Redtree, hereditary champion of the princess. Although she cannot deny his care and concern, would he still love her if he had a choice?

Reluctant to trigger Matthew's continuing obsession with her potential power, she secretly turns to Aaric the Moonsharker, a powerful sorcerer sent through time by a distant ancestress to help her develop her magic. Although his ardent courtship touches her heart, she still longs for Matthew's unconditional love.

Meanwhile, the Lake Wizards, ancient enemies of her people, have discovered her existence and begin plotting to destroy both the princess and her champion. And when Matthew turns up with amnesia and missing his sacred amulet, it begins to look like they just might succeed.

Ms. Donovan weaves a complex set of relationships with a magical flavor that keeps you turning the pages as fast as you can. Readers will eagerly anticipate the next installment in this imaginative series. (Feb., 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
M. Helfer