Josie Litton swept onto the historical romance scene and quickly made her mark as a writer whose powerful, captive/captor style romances were something readers were yearning to savor. Now, she has left the world of Vikings for the Regency era and a story no less sensual or captivating.

Lady Johanna Hawkeforte has always believed in the mythical island of Akora. When her brother goes off to find the kingdom and does not return, Johanna goes in search of him, stowing away on Lord Alex Darcourt's ship.

Son of an English lord and an Akoran princess, Alex walks a fine line between two worlds. No one suspects his true identity. Once he discovers his stowaway, Alex must entrust Johanna with many of Akora's secrets. Foreigners are not normally allowed into his country.

Caught in the political turmoil that is tearing Akora apart and with the threat of an English invasion, Johanna and Alex's love places them in grave danger.

This non-stop read kept my attention with its strong characters and powerful sensuality. Ms. Litton's ability to use women's fantasies (eg. Johanna poses as Alex's concubine in a master/slave scenario) gives her books the touch that makes them reader favorites. If you enjoy Johanna Lindsey's battle-of-wills novels, you'll love Dream Island. SENSUAL (Mar., 354 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin