To please his beloved grandmother, William Braddock plans to return Fair Castle to its rightful owners. Years ago, during one of his family's darkest hours, the castle was sold to American artist Mickey MacLeigh, who whimsically transported the entire building from Dibble, England to the Mid Hudson River Valley. After making a fortune in the computer software industry, Will is ready to fulfill his grandmother's dream.

Children's author Elinor MacLeigh has always adored Fair Castle. In fact, it has served as inspiration for many of her books. From the moment she meets him, Elinor has a feeling that Will is going to change her life-and not necessarily for the better.

Elinor's young sister Isabelle, her mother, stepfather and grandparents all still live within the ancient castle. Knowing how her grandparents love the castle, Elinor is horrified when they consider Will's offer seriously. Strange things have been happening within the old walls, and the MacLeigh family no longer feels welcome.

Ghosts indeed walk the halls of Fair Castle and have been waiting a long time to be avenged. Will's appearance sets events in motion and the truth shall finally be told, no matter what the cost to present generations.

DREAM A LITTLE DREAM is a delightful blend of goose bumps, passion and treachery that make this novel a truly exhilarating read. Ms. Stockenberg delivers once again! (June, 354 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith