Emerald's Irish mother raised her to love freedom, the land and her youthful passion. So she fell in love when she met Sean O'Toole, Earl of Kildare. Sean, too, fell for the nymph he spied riding a dolphin.

When her father dragged Emerald and her brother to London and banished her mother, most of her dreams died, save the one about Sean. Soon to wed a distant cousin, Emerald yearns for Sean, so when he abducts her she is angry, but not frightened.

Five years on a prison ship turned Sean into a vengeful man intent on destroying Emerald's father, who killed his brother and imprisoned Sean. With Emerald's capture, his revenge was at hand. Determined to use her as a pawn to ruin her father, Sean is once more beguiled by her and the passion that pulses between them. But will revenge sear his soul or will Sean be able to find salvation in Emerald's love?

This is a stunning example of Ms. Henley's talent for sweeping readers into a lush, highly romantic, adventurous story that dazzles and captivates her fans eager for another glimpse of her sensual storytelling. With unrequited love's searing passion and pain and revenge and desire's power, this master storyteller spins a delicious tale that readers will quickly devour, yet long remember. DREAM LOVER is a dream of a romance. SENSUAL (Aug., 350 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin