Delany Arlen is going to strangle her Uncle Sean the next time she gets her hands on him. First he drags her to this remote snowbound Colorado cabin and then he abandons her. After days of being on her own, Laney is getting cabin fever. When she sees a bear rummaging through her garbage, she shoots in self-defense, only to find out it is a man. Horrified by her mistake, Laney drags the wounded man into the cabin.

When Gareth Tremayne regains consciousness, he fears his enemies have found himespecially when Gareth learns Laneys name. He has been told that a hitman named Delany has been dispatched to kill him. Since the world currently thinks he perished in an avalanche, Gareth refuses to divulge his name. Frustrated, Laney decides to name him Joe.

Gareth is confused. If Laney has nothing to do with the Shandian Corporation or the plot to take over the Dream Mountain Mine, then she is stuck in the middle of a deadly game. There are too many players with conflicting motives to be sure about anyones safety.

The evil Shandian Corporation makes a return engagement with the second book in Gina Hales exciting series. Like the first book, this story features thrills, skullduggery and lots of romance. One great read! (Oct., 256 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith