Anna Stanfield and her sister Sandra both have strong psychic abilities. But Anna has denied her abilities, partly out of fear and partly because she doesn't understand them. When Sandra is found comatose in her bed, Anna is at a loss as to what she should do.

Then Ian McGregory approaches Anna, stating he's with the FBI, and investigating the murder of several women. He believes Sandra is the latest victim.

What Ian fails to tell her is that he's a Cintarian Protector and that the killer is also Cintarian. During the Dark Period, the Cintarian race had been all but obliterated on earth by fearful humans who misunderstood who and what they were.

DREAM SNATCHER is a fascinating and inventive read. The premise, beings that feed off a human's energy, had me glued to my seat. (May, 369 pp., $13.75)

Reviewed by: 
Kathy Boswell