Roshelle Everitt has known since the age of 8 that her active imagination was far more than silly childish fancies. Facing her nightmares head on at an early age, she meets dream specter Jared Campbell, a boy her own age who never tells her his name.

Years later, Roshelle returns home a doctor. She wonders about Witch Mountain and other childhood stories—and also about that boy she met so many years ago.

Jared is entranced by Roshelle and amazed by her intuitive nature. They are a is a bad combination, though, since she's a civilian and he's much more than a dream specter. His life is top secret, which hinders their intense sexual attraction.

Wine's story is wildly intriguing and interesting from the very start. What is behind Roshelle's dreams and what is Jared's true role in her life? Although the concept behind Dream Specter is a bit confusing, Jared's character is what really pulls the story together. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling