Although the elven Quicken-tree have succeeded in their quest to reclaim the keep at Caer Merioneth and free the pyrf, spawn of dragons, from their underground prison, the former monk Mychael is still haunted by visions of Ddrei Goch and Ddrei Glas, the dragons who fignt back the forces of Darkness. Why cant he find them?

Even for a man of his abilities, exploring the underground caverns where the pyrf gather is not without peril. More dangerous yet, however, are the schemes of his erstwhile allies to turn him into something he does not want to be. Only Llynya of the Quicken-tree seems to care about helping him with what he must do to win the final confrontation with the Dark. But what does this enigmatic lady want from him in return?

Weaving a magical web of blazing splendor, Ms. McReynolds holds us spellbound with fantasy of the finest order in this extraordinary reading experience. (Apr., 400 pp., $6.50—Hardcover published November 1998) M

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer