Abe's return to the
wondrous world of the drakon (shape-shifting dragons) is as thrilling as it is magical, as passionate as it is adventurous and as memorable as The Smoke Thief. The story has a an indefinable, haunting quality that lingers long after the end. Surrender to Abe's remarkable ability to bring magic to life and soar with
the dragons.

Though the daughter of the drakons, Lady Amelia Langford seems to have no gift -- except she can "hear" the future and the song of the fabled diamond Dratumr, a stone known for its ability to control the drakon. She knows that her clan's safety and her future lie with the diamond and Zane, the human her mother taught to become the premier jewel thief of London.

When Zane agrees to hunt for the stone Lia schemes to accompany him, realizing her destiny lies in his hands. She knows what dangers they will face, but more importantly she knows the forbidden passion they will share. Traveling deep into the Carpathian Mountains, they follow the stone's music and are lured into a madman's scheme that will either destroy the clan or preserve it. (Bantam, Oct., 273 pp., $18.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin