Image of Dream Warrior (Dream-Hunter Novels)


Image of Dream Warrior (Dream-Hunter Novels)

As a dark power gains strength, the entire world faces destruction in the next exhilarating installment of Kenyon's intertwining Dark-Hunter/Dream-Hunter novels. Over the course of a series, it's difficult to keep the characters fresh and the overarching plot intriguing. Kenyon manages both with ease!

With one act, the god Cratus earned the enmity of Zeus and was stripped of his powers. After suffering several millennia of torture, Cratus, now known as Jericho, burns with the need for revenge. His crime? His refusal to kill a baby on Zeus' orders. That baby has grown up to become Delphine, half-human/Dream-Hunter.

When two of the original gods of the universe, Noir and his sister Azura, begin their march toward universal domination, Zeus sends Delphine to bring Jericho back into the fold. But Azura gets there first, and now Delphine is a prisoner given to Jericho to destroy. Can Delphine break through to Jericho's human heart? (ST. MARTIN'S, Feb., 315 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith