When Missy Harrisons car Gertrude breaks down on the side of the road in her hometown of Mayland, she is forced to walk a couple of miles to a neighbors home. Missy is about to be wed to Walterher dull friend from high school. Unfortunately for Walter, Jimmy Tanner Scott, her high school boyfriend and still the love of her life, is the neighbor who comes to Missys rescue.

Their love for one another remains strong but Missy has no desire to return to the volatile, though passionate, relationship that they once had.

As the carefully laid plans for her wedding start to unravel, so does Missys desire to spend her life with Walter and his meddling mother. When she breaks things off with her fianci, he also finds the love of his life, and she and Jimmy struggle to find their way back into each others lives.

The citizens of the small town of Mayland play a big part in this romance, and it was an appropriate ending for them to play a huge role in the final festivities. Author Alice Wootson has a gift for penning wonderful scenes that seem to draw the reader right into the story. (Apr., 288 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims