First in a new trilogy centering on three sisters who each hold a clue to a fabulous treasure, THE DREAMER introduces Catherine Percy who flees England hoping to find sanctuary in the Highlands.

With her late father declared a traitor, Catherine escapes Henry VIIIs men, making her way to Balvenie Castle, John Stewarts stronghold. Caught in a compromising situation, she must marry John to save her reputation and give up her dream of starting her own school. John needs a wife, and has no way of knowing that this intelligent woman with dreams of her own will turn his world upside down.

John believes his wife is passionate and docile until her determination to follow through with her school stirs up his feud with the renegade known as Adam of the Glen, landing his wife smack in the middle.

Delightful, entertaining, fast-paced and the beginning of a grand new series, THE DREAMER will hold a special place in your heart. May McGoldrick has done it againwritten a tantalizing treat. SENSUAL (May., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin