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Sass Brandt, a beloved Hollywood star, becomes fixated on producing and starring in a movie based on a little-known novel by deceased author Tyler McDonald. Unfortunately, the rights to the book are held by Shay Collins, who flatly refuses to release them.

Sass tracks Shay down to plead for reason. There is no way Shay Collins is going to let Sass get her hands on the novel. Shay's pain is much too personal and intense, as the novel outlines the brutal betrayal and tragedy that have destroyed his life. After Sass learns the truth behind the haunting story, she abandons her attempt to pressure Shay.

Shay, on the other hand, has come to realize that in order to put the bitter past behind him, he must look towards the future. So he grants the rights to Sass with the proviso that he write the screenplay.

Sass has banked her future on this movie, but a horrendous accident threatens to destroy not only the movie, but Sass' very life. Does she have the courage and strength to climb back to the top?

Author Rebecca Forster outdoes herself with this outstanding character study of damaged individuals learning to overcome past betrayals and achieve new heights of happiness. DREAMS is a wonderful book, chock-full of tragic loss, redemption and enduring love sure to bring Ms. Forster many new fans. (May, 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith