Comanche shape-shifter Night Stalker needs to create more hatred in the world so he can acquire human form and cause more havoc. His nemesis is Keen Eye, a half-breed Comanche bounty hunter who refuses to listen to and seek out his destiny. After having his heart broken and the people he loved killed, he wants to get as far away as possible form his native land.

However, his latest bounty, Dapper Dan Radway, is headed right to where Keen does not want to be, An innocent young school teacher, just arrived in Northern Texas, looks to be the evil-doers next victim.

Genny is wary of the bounty hunter and flattered by Dans attentions, until he gets violent. Fortunately Keen Eye is watching nearby, making sure Radway will never harm another woman again.

This is a story of good against evil, but the crimes against the innocent needed more justification for this reviewer. Using an innocent child as a pawn makes the hair stand on end. (Sep., 358 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer