Image of Dreams of the Golden Age


Image of Dreams of the Golden Age

If you’re into judging a book by its cover, Dreams of The Golden Age makes a stellar first impression. Teens with superpowers. Badass villains. Comic-book style action. But that’s just on the surface. There is so much depth to the story — and Vaughn conveys this with admirable humor and skill. Relationships between parents and teenagers are usually filled with some angst, but add the element of superhuman abilities and those interactions become even more complicated. Finding the strength to become the person you truly are is no easy feat, even for a superhero.

Anna has some secrets, but when your father is a telepath and your mother is Commerce City’s most powerful businessperson, keeping those secrets is no easy task. Hiding her growing super abilities from her parents is difficult enough, but Anna is also hiding her friends’ superpowers and their dreams of becoming the new team of heroes to defend their city. Celia West grew up as the daughter of the city’s two most famous superheroes and leaders of the powerful Olympiad. Without any powers herself, she hopes her daughter Anna won’t be burdened with the peril and responsibility that goes with them. Still Celia has created a scholarship program for the children and grandchildren of the city’s superpowered humans. Will these teens be able to fill the shoes of their legendary forebears? (TOR, Jan., 320 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes