Gem expert and designer Jake Kilchurn is on his way to Artane Castle when he's involved in a car accident. He awakens to find himself in a 13th-century dungeon. Quick on the uptake, Jake adjusts to his circumstances, convincing the dePaiget family he was the victim of a robbery.

Amanda of Artane must choose a husband from her suitors. With his odd speech, unusual clothing and highly irregular ideas, Jake intrigues her. The fact that he's not after her money makes him perfect.

Jake is enchanted by her outspoken curiosity. He allows himself to be taken under the wings of her five brothers, and the more he becomes part of their lives, the more he wants to stay. But he has nothing to offer her. If only he could find his way back to the future and return with enough gold to convince everyone he's the perfect suitor. But if he returns to the present, can he ever get back?

Kurland crafts some of the most ingenious time-travel romances readers can find. Cleverly merging past and present, she spins a dreamlike web that so completely captivates readers, they will suspend their disbelief from page one. Dreams of Stardust is wonderfully clever and completely enchanting as everything falls into place and everyone comes out a winner. SENSUAL (Apr., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin