Adams wraps up the Jubilant Soul series as the Burns family seeks to move from a traumatic past into a prosperous future. Adams has a knack for highlighting real-life issues within a complicated family dynamic and bringing to the forefront genuine emotions and practical resolutions. Readers will enjoy this entertaining, thought-provoking end to the series.

Indigo Burns' career as a photographer is prospering. She's engaged to a wonderful man and planning the wedding of her dreams. Things couldn't be better, until her brother Reuben shows up. Indigo can't seem to get over her anger and envy as her loved ones abandon her to pamper the prodigal son. But Indigo doesn't know that Reuben has his own reasons for moving back. His arrival will reveal secrets filled with shame, guilt and lies. Like it or not, the family will undergo a transformation that can only take place when the truth is finally revealed. (REVELL, Jan., 224 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Reyes