Successful photographer Adrian Wilde suffers a near-death experience when he is struck by lightning. When his heart stops beating, Adrian sees a life flash before his eyes. Oddly, it's not his own life, but that of a mysterious young woman. Adrian experiences with her a horrible explosion, fire and pain. Brought back into his own body, Adrian knows he is forever linked with the woman he calls Madame Blue.

Three years later, a photo on a beach gives Adrian the first clue as to Madame Blue's identity. Driven by an urgency outside his experience, Adrian puts his life on hold to go to West Palm Beach and find his mystery woman. While in an art gallery, Adrian realizes that the photos of homeless individuals were taken by Madame Blue and decides to go undercover to find her.

Nikki Madsen has survived on the streets of West Palm Beach for two years in order to protect her own life. Following the murder of her wealthy mother, Nikki fears her brother Devlin is out to eliminate her as well, so when a strange man starts inquiring and trying to get close to her, Nikki fears he is a hit man. After meeting Adrian, however, she finds herself strangely drawn to this dynamic man.

Can Adrian find a way to convince Nikki that he means her no harm, and that they are mystically linked? If he does convince her, will he inadvertently set a deadly chain of events in motion?

Author Tina Wainscott continues to make a name for herself by bringing a new and refreshing twist to all her engrossing tales. (Oct., 336 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith